Monday, June 9, 2014

Final blog post questions.

Overall, what was your opinion of 20-Time?
I feel that because I chose a project that I was really passionate about, 20-Time was such an awesome, positive experience for me. It is not often, or even ever that we (the students) get to chose what they want to do and look farther into things we actually care about, while learning real life lessons along the way. I learned so much about myself through 20-time and because of this, I think 20-time is a great idea for all teachers to try.
What are some aspects of 20-Time that you think should be adjusted for next year?
I think that students should have other forms for logging for their project available. I did enjoy blogging, but I also would have liked it if we had the chance to use other medias as well. For example, youtube channels filled with video diaries about our projects, or other outlets to get our ideas out and share them with the world.
What are some aspects of 20-time that should not be changed?
Well the obvious, students should be able to chose whatever they want to do, and failure should always be an option because we never get those opportunities.
Is 20-Time something that all students should do?
I think that 20-Time, or even something like is is something that all students should have the opportunity to do. I believe this because it encourages deeper thinking, problem solving, creativity, and it gives student a voice and a chance to be heard. There are many great idea that we all have as students, and if you give us the chance and the motivation we need, we won't let you down. I didn't just learn how to solve equations, or about the human digestive system,or just about
What advice would you give students doing 20-time next year?
Pursue something that you are passionate about and don't chose something easy just because you want to succeed or not have to do work because if you chose something you are passionate about, the end result will far outweigh the work that goes into it.
What did you take away from the TED talk?
Well the first initial idea I took away from it was "holy crap", but after I calmed down, I became more grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity we were given. Never before have I been more afraid I think (which says a lot) but that made the outcome even better. On a personal level, it gave me empowerment because for the first time in my life, I felt like I had a significant voice in society and I was making a difference. I had never been given such a chance before to do whatever I chose and it felt good to show everyone and myself that if I put my mind to something, I can achieve it. I learned more about myself and my capabilities in this one experience than I have in any of my classes in my school career.

We did it.

     For lack of better words, just wow. So, if you don't know, I spoke at a TEDx event held at my school along with 14 other students speaking about their projects. I can honestly say that is something I never thought I would do. I am still in awe. I can not be more thankful for this amazing opportunity that I had. I would like to thank anyone who has read my blog posts and followed along on my journey as I explored my fears.
    Going into this, I had no idea what the outcome would be, and it is fair to say that I was presently surprised. A year ago at this time, I wasn't even attending school and I was doing my schooling from home because of fears I had getting in my way. With your help, I got over those fears and much more. Sure, I still do have fears, but now I am not afraid to try to conquer them anymore. Doing one thing everyday that scared me has been something that I had been wanting to do for a long time and 20-time gave me the chance to do that. If you only take one thing from my journey, I hope it is that if you put your mind to a goal and work on it, you can achieve anything. I learned this along the way because now I know that even I, someone who gets uncomfortable or scared from most things, can get out of her comfort zone and accomplish something awesome. With your help, I reached my goal and I can't thank you enough.
     Thank you for coming along with me. Although the project is over, my journey is just getting started.

If you would like to watch the TEDx Grosse Pointe South HS livestream, here is the link: 
(If you are interested, my talk begins at 5 hours and 7 minutes)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do one thing everyday that scares you post 25.

     Well hello everyone, long time no see. This past week has been a journey in itself. I never thought one year ago that I could accomplish all that I have with this project. This is such an amazing experience and I want to thank anyone who had supported me along the way. 
     I prepared my speach last week and mustered the courage to speak it in front of my class, just as everyone has been doing. It was probably one of the most scary things I have done all year but I am so glad that I pushed myself to do it. Great things come when you push yourself. Although this project is coming close to an end, I feel that my journey has just began. I will talk to you all very soon and remember, the time to push yourself to do great things is now, so go out and do something that you think you are too afraid to do. From that, you will see great outcomes.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Do one thing everyday that scares you post 24.

Hello and Happy Mother's Day to any mothers out there that may be reading this! 
Boy, have I had an eventful 2 weeks. For starters, I took part in my Friend's marathon that she had been training for for months. (If you want to follow her journey you can check out her blog at That was an awesome experience! Even though I only ran 5k of the race, I had never done anything like that before and I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone to do it. It goes to show that if I were to stay home and do nothing just because it was easier, I would not have had such an awesome time. I am so happy for her and so glad I could share her big day with her! 
Here are some of us after she crossed the finish line.
Some other things I have been up to have been volunteering for more things and saying yes to more opportunities that I normally wouldn't have. I am so pleasantly surprised at home much I got out of it as well. I guess you will never know if you don't like something, unless you try it. Even if that means coming out of your comfort zone to do it.

Have a great week everyone, and try something new! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do one thing everyday that scares you post 23.

Hello everyone, it seems like it has been so long since I have made a post and a lot has happened since my last update. I have been doing plenty of things that include, strangers, waterparks, plenty of scary movies and a lot more. 
As we approach closer and closer to the end of this project, I have been spending time working on my final speech and the big picture of it all. To be honest, the closer this speech comes, the more nervous I get but that is the beauty of it I suppose. I know once it is all said and done I will be happy with it. I guess that will be the big finale of my project, because it is not everyday that I have to stand in front of my peers on a stage and speak for a grade, which is pretty stressful to think about. 
Until next time, stay daring and open minded. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Do one thing everyday that scares you post 22.

Hello everyone! It seems like it had been forever since I have made a blog post, I am so used to writing one every week. I am grateful for the time and energy this allows me to put into my end of the year presentation. Before I explain a couple things I did this past week, I want to share a quote I found this week that I felt connected with my project. 
"Enter a tiger's cave, and stroke it's whiskers" -unknown.
I feel like on a quite smaller scale, this is what I am doing. Deliberately doing something scary, and having fun with it; making the best out of it. Now, onto a couple things I did this past week.

This week, our school was hosting it's annual artfest created for art students to display and sell their work. My photography teacher had mentioned something about volunteering to work at it and do face painting for little kids that come in. Not knowing anything about it, or anyone that was signing up, I agreed to doing it. I'm not the best at going into a situation blindly not knowing what to expect or who will be there so this wasn't the easiest thing for me to do. Not to mention, I don't have much experience with volunteer work. It ended up being quite fun and I'm glad I pushed myself to do it because it was a good learning experience.

After a brutal winter, we are finally starting to get a little bit of sun and not so freezing weather. As a result of this, more people are out and about enjoying the sun, so I thought I should too. Last summer, I purchased a penny board with the greatest of intentions. After some practice, I picked up the basics of it but after a long winter, I practically forgot everything I had learned. I took it upon myself to utilize the warm weather and try to go for a ride. This didn't go as well as planned. As I mentioned before, there are many people out and about, which means there were more witnessed to my failure. There were some slight injuries involved but luckily I didnt break my neck or something dramatic like that. When it comes to things involving coordination and balance, it usually doesn't come naturally to me, taking into considerations my lanky body and awkward posture but I made it alive and only slightly embarassed. 
Photo proof of my actual physical activity:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A change in pace. One Thing Everyday post 21.

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!
     Coming closer to the end of this project, I am starting to focus on evaluating the meaning behind my journey more and more. In doing this, I have been putting less effort in my actual activities everyday, which quite frankly is a bit boring to read about and that is not what I want for this project. As I have mentioned before on my blog, even though some of the things I do can be considered as small or uneventful, they still bring me out of my comfort zone. Also, in doing such small things, it makes it easier to overcome larger tasks as they come in my life. Although these things are helping me in my journey, they aren't the most interesting things to follow in a blog. This is where the change in pace comes in. I have spent some time thinking about this and I think this is the best way for me to produce awesome blog posts that I am proud of. Starting next week, I will only be writing about 2-3 events that I did during the week for the project. Although I will still continue to do things everyday that scare me, this will allow me to leave out the less interesting things, and spend more time writing about the prominent ones. This will also allow me to focus more of my time on the analysis of my project and how I have changed as a person from these short months. I am going to set out to have more exciting, quality posts with visuals and all, just as my posts used to be.
     Where you come in:
It may not be very often that I receive comments on this blog, so there is a great chance that this idea will not end up working, but I thought I would give it a shot anyways.
     Though the months I have been doing this, I have been running out of ideas of interesting things to do that scare me for the sake of my blog posts. It would be awesome if anyone reading could leave suggestions on any of my posts of things I could do. I have spent this journey focusing on my own personal fears, but it would be interesting to hear what your fears are. And hey, you can use me as your guinea pig because in all honesty, if I can do it, anyone can.