Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do one thing everyday that scares you post 15.

Day 58: 1/13/14
Today, I continued my pursuit in not caring as much about planning small details for school.  As I had mentioned before, I am the type of person who has to plan for their day the night before, including making my lunch and choosing an outfit etc. Today, I forced myself once again to refrain from planning for my day and just relaxing. Sure, it made me uncomfortable and maybe a little late but I accomplished my goal of not planning anything which was good enough for me.

Day 59: 1/14/14
Midterm exams are coming up, which means that I need to start preparing if I want to get good grades. In a few of my classes I was falling a bit behind and I needed some help from my teachers. Although most teachers often tell the class to come see them for help before school, I have never quite been one that fancied doing that. I mean not to complain, but waking up earlier than usual to come into school and learn more doesn't exactly sound appealing. Despite the negative connotation I associated with this task, I decided to stick it out and see a few of my teachers for help before school. It was more helpful than I thought and it goes to show that sometimes the things we really don't want to do, help us in the long run.

Day 60: 1/15/14
 Well to be honest, today I was lacking inspiration for something to do for my project so I asked some classmates and it seems as though the majority agreed that what they wanted me to do was take a shot of lemon juice. No sugar or water. Just straight up lemon juice. Doesn't that sound delicious? Lacking any better ideas, I unfortunately agreed to do it. I won't say much about it, but if you take one lesson from this weeks post, let it be: NEVER DRINK STRAIGHT UP LEMON  JUICE.

Day 61: 1/16/14
For a foods class I am taking, I need to invite a guest into class and cook a meal for them and be graded on it. Due to the fact that there are around 30 students in the class and this is kind of a time consuming exam, we are starting our exams early in order to fit everyone in. Today is my day for the exam, so I invited my dad in so I could cook for him. If those words don't make a teenager cringe, then I don't know what is. Having your parent, a person who knows how to embarrass you more than anyone come into class among your teenage peers seems like a deathtrap. I'm not saying that I assumed my dad would embarrass me, but there was certainly potential that he could. As if exams weren't stressful enough, this added to the list of things to worry about. All in all, things went well though. I made it out with minimal to no embarrassment.

Day 62: 1/17/14
Next week are final exams which means that this weekend I would have to study quite a bit. I don't know about you, but I am the type of person who has a hard time studying at home because there are too many distractions. *Cough cough* Netflix. In order to accomplish my goal of studying, I had to relocate to somewhere quiet. Being the typical teenage girl I am, I obviously chose Starbucks. I don't know if any of you are the type of people that are uncomfortable going to food serving establishments alone, but I am. It felt a little strange sitting alone but it got the job done.  


  1. Way too proud of you for going to Starbucks alone that shit is scary!!!

  2. Hey Miranda, My name is Cassidy and I have chosen to read your blog regularly because it makes me laugh. I can relate to many of your posts which keeps me interested. A little bit about myself.. I am a college student at the University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut studying Special Education. I look forward to seeing more of your posts and watching you grow as a writer.

    1. Hello! I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog, your comment made me smile. Thank you for the positive feedback it really means a lot! Special Education is something I am actually really interested in, so I relate to you too! I hope you are having a great day.