Sunday, April 6, 2014

Do one thing everyday that scares you post 22.

Hello everyone! It seems like it had been forever since I have made a blog post, I am so used to writing one every week. I am grateful for the time and energy this allows me to put into my end of the year presentation. Before I explain a couple things I did this past week, I want to share a quote I found this week that I felt connected with my project. 
"Enter a tiger's cave, and stroke it's whiskers" -unknown.
I feel like on a quite smaller scale, this is what I am doing. Deliberately doing something scary, and having fun with it; making the best out of it. Now, onto a couple things I did this past week.

This week, our school was hosting it's annual artfest created for art students to display and sell their work. My photography teacher had mentioned something about volunteering to work at it and do face painting for little kids that come in. Not knowing anything about it, or anyone that was signing up, I agreed to doing it. I'm not the best at going into a situation blindly not knowing what to expect or who will be there so this wasn't the easiest thing for me to do. Not to mention, I don't have much experience with volunteer work. It ended up being quite fun and I'm glad I pushed myself to do it because it was a good learning experience.

After a brutal winter, we are finally starting to get a little bit of sun and not so freezing weather. As a result of this, more people are out and about enjoying the sun, so I thought I should too. Last summer, I purchased a penny board with the greatest of intentions. After some practice, I picked up the basics of it but after a long winter, I practically forgot everything I had learned. I took it upon myself to utilize the warm weather and try to go for a ride. This didn't go as well as planned. As I mentioned before, there are many people out and about, which means there were more witnessed to my failure. There were some slight injuries involved but luckily I didnt break my neck or something dramatic like that. When it comes to things involving coordination and balance, it usually doesn't come naturally to me, taking into considerations my lanky body and awkward posture but I made it alive and only slightly embarassed. 
Photo proof of my actual physical activity:


  1. Miranda, I love that you pursued something that you thought you might enjoy. I did the exact same thing with purchasing a road bike. I never used it because I was nervous with riding it on the busy road. After reading your post I have decided that I may try it again! Although you are doing this blog for fun and for class, you are making a difference in others lives. -Cassidy

    1. Thanks so much for your support! I am really happy that my experience has helped you in any way. I'm happy you are going to try again! It could end up being something you really enjoy!